3 Knives to Start With

You don’t need a jillion knives – in fact just one good knife could take care of most anything you need to do. But to me a basic starter set if you’re just getting going would look like this (from top to bottom):

Chef’s Knife

Sometimes called a ‘cook’s knife’, this is generally considered the workhorse of the kitchen.  With the right one (meaning one you find comfortable) you could do everything from buttering a piece of toast…to chopping parsley…to cutting chicken.

Serrated Knife

You’d never cut an onion with a serrated knife, but nothing beats it for slicing through a loaf of bread without squishing it flat.  And don’t even get me started about how well it deals with a beautifully soft tomato.

Paring Knife

Size does matter and sometimes a large knife is just the wrong knife for the job.  And whether it’s peeling or super close up work, this little guy will do it easily and comfortably.

Sam the Cooking Guy

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Sam Zien

is host of the TV show Sam the Cooking Guy, author of 3 cookbooks and a frequent guest in the Today Show kitchen. He’s also and proud of his “big in taste but small in effort” cooking style — “food that anyone can make,” he likes to say.

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