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From Bathroom to Oasis: Creating a Spa at Home

When the going gets tough, you head to a day spa. There’s no better way to ditch the daily grind than with a deep tissue massage and a hydrating facial. But primo relaxation comes at a hefty price, and in this economy, it may not be the wisest way to spend your weekly paycheck.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up treating yourself to the good life. Instead of heading out for a little R&R, stay in and wash the day away in your own private oasis. Creating a spa at home is easier than you might think: With a few nifty tools and some luxe-looking accents you can make a Zen-like spa space in your very own bathroom.

Work Out the Kinks

A spa just isn’t a spa without a massage. While you may be able to get your significant other to give you an expert rub down, in the off-chance they’re not around, there are plenty of tools to get the job done. A basic hand-held massager is a must-have. Look for one with an extendable handle so you can get to all those hard-to-reach places. Nab a foot massager to give your toes the royal treatment. And for those looking for full-body relaxation, invest in an acupressure mat.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Sorry to report, but slapping on a face mask and investing in expensive lotions does not a home spa make. Step it up a notch (and give wrinkles and fine lines a run for their money) with pro-tools like a dermabrasion facial brush, an at-home skin renewing laser and a penetrating light therapy system. Though these products are an investment, over time they’ll actually save you money — so you’ll have more than just your skin to glow about.

Invest in the Smelly Stuff

Aromafloria® Aroma Therapy Ocean Mineral Bath Salts

Aromafloria® Aroma Therapy Ocean Mineral Bath Salts

Who doesn’t love indulging in fabulous smelling bath products? Go the whole nine yards with your at-home spa and purchase candles, oils, bath salts, lotions, bubble bath and scrubs in your favorite scents. Be careful not to go overboard — too many different smells can create an olfactory overload. For best results, stick to a single soothing scent like sandalwood, lavender or vanilla.

Don’t Forget the Warm and Fuzzy

Elizabeth Arden Ultra Plush Robe

Elizabeth Arden Ultra Plush Robe

Scratchy towels and cheap robes begone! A home spa needs the luxe, fluffy stuff stuff. We’re talking hotel-style robes and towels so fluffy you could literally get lost in them. Really treat yourself and keep these pieces at the perfect temp with a towel warmer.
Don’t forget your toes– cold feet are so un-spa-like. Give them some post-massage TLC, by slipping them into  a pair of cozy slippers or thermal socks.

Setting the Scene

Talking Message Center

Talking Message Center

Now that you’ve stocked up on the major pieces, it’s time to finish off your space with the right accents. Look for extras like a bath mat and hand towels in calming colors like sea foam, taupe or cream. Set the perfect Zen-like mood by installing adjustable lighting and playing some dreamy tunes from your speaker dock. Most importantly, stick a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the bathroom door to keep the outside world from disturbing your inner peace.

Bonnie McCarthy

Make a mean at-home face mask? Music that magically gets rid of stress? Share the secret in the comments.

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