My Carbon Steel Wok

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Ok, too dramatic? Maybe, but not by much. I love my wok and use it for as much as I can. It is flat (not round) on the bottom so it is easy to use and because it’s carbon steel, it’s perfect for quick, high heat cooking. But the carbon steel has to be “seasoned” first, which means getting it to the point where you can cook on it. It’s a simple process and totally worth it as the wok becomes almost non-stick like when done. So watch the video for instructions and then check back for some great wok-perfect recipes.

Sam the Cooking Guy

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Sam Zien

is host of the TV show Sam the Cooking Guy, author of 3 cookbooks and a frequent guest in the Today Show kitchen. He’s also and proud of his “big in taste but small in effort” cooking style — “food that anyone can make,” he likes to say.

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