Cookware – Is It Time to Move Up?

Can you cook on anything? Yes. Fried eggs on the sidewalk…piece of fish on your car’s engine – anything is possible. Can you sear scallops on the pans you got when you first moved out? Sure. Will moving up to a more professional level of cookware make a difference? Absolutely – and a big difference at that. Maybe today’s not the day, but at some point when you decide to make a change, having more knowledge on the subject will be a good thing. And to help you, here’s part one on the subject. 

Sam the Cooking Guy

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Sam Zien

is host of the TV show Sam the Cooking Guy, author of 3 cookbooks and a frequent guest in the Today Show kitchen. He’s also and proud of his “big in taste but small in effort” cooking style — “food that anyone can make,” he likes to say.

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