Surf’s Up: Six Stylish Beach Towel Options


Marilyn Monroe Cotton Beach Towel – Plum

Bring Marilyn to with you to add a little old-school Hollywood glamour to your day in the sun.

Pirate Hooded Beach Towel

Ahoy, young mateys! Your kids can use–and wear–this ship-shape towel.

Turkish Fouta Towels

These Fouta towels have a ecclectic feel, and are surprisingly absorbent too.

Pink Paisley Beach Towel

This bold color and pattern means you’ll never lose sight of your spot on the sand.

Esquire Cover July 1932 Oversized Cotton Beach Towel

A clean-lined, retro look says modern vintage .

Skull Beach Towel

Rock ‘n’ roll meets summer fun with this smiling skull towel.

Get More Great Ideas at Bed Bath & Beyond

We’re a little biased, but we think you should have a beach towel that’s at least as stylish as your swimsuit. Here are some of our favorites.


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