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Happy National S’mores Day

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of s’mores. I know, I know – what kid doesn’t like gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate crammed in between graham crackers?  This kid doesn’t. The problem was the plain chocolate – which I’m not a real fan of – so I never ate them. And then a few years ago I shot a show at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, which ended with a campfire and to me that meant s’mores. But instead of the chocolate, I decided to use peanut butter cups – and the whole world changed. Angels sang, the moon shone brighter than I’d seen before and little animals came out of the woods and smiled. 

S’mores made with pb cups – wow. 

Sam the Cooking Guy

Peanut Butter Cup S

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 4 servings

Love S'mores? Then you will want to try this version that substitutes peanut butter cups for the chocolate. Yummy!


8 graham cracker halves

4 regular marshmallows (don’t substitute with mini’s)

4 peanut butter cups (full size please)


  1. Place a peanut butter cup on 4 of the graham crackers.
  2. If you have a *campfire, place marshmallows on a stick and hold over the flame till they catch fire briefly – then quickly blow out.
  3. Top each peanut butter cup with a toasted marshmallow, add remaining crackers and squish down slowly but deliberately.
  4. Enjoy


*No campfire, no problem – you have options: Stove – use stove flame and prepare as above.

Grill – either remove grate and use grill flame, or simply wrap completed s’mores in foil and throw on the grill about 5 minutes until melty.

Oven – build s’mores (cracker, pb cup, marshmallow, cracker) and place on baking sheet. Cook at 350 until melted.

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