Making Sense of Room Scents

September 29, 2013

Making Sense of Room Scents

They say the nose knows. But navigating room scents takes more than just a quick sniff. Get the lowdown on styles and fragrances by clicking through our guide to making sense of scents.

TYPES OF ROOM SCENTS: What would you like to use?

The Candle

Yankee Candles at Bed Bath & Beyond



The candle pulls double duty, providing aroma and ambiance. And as a bonus it tends to emit a stronger scent than other options. Sprinkle a few vanilla pillars around the living room or set a lovely lavender glass candle bedside. The options are literally endless.

The Reed Diffuser

San Miguel Harmony Tierra Reed Fragrance Diffuser

Looking for a home fragrance that emits a subtle scent round the clock? Try a reed diffuser. The slim reed soaks up the accompanying oil emitting your scent of choice for several weeks at a time.

The Room Spray

A few quick pumps and you’ve got instant aroma. But don’t expect the smell to stay around for the long haul – this baby is meant to be a quick fix. Room sprays work wonders in the bathroom and can be the perfect way to cover up sudden, unwanted odors in the rest of the house.

The Odor Absorber

Smells Begone® Odor Absorber™ Calming Rain Solid Air Freshener

Like a candle, this solid scent pulls double duty: It freshens the room while being a total beast at absorbing unwanted odors. This is the scent of choice for pet owners and those who (cough, cough) smoke.


Harvest Spice Wire Pumpkin Potpourri in Orange at Bed Bath & Beyond

Fun fact: The word potpourri means “rotten pot.” The name refers to the way this  mix of dried flowers, herbs and spice looks, rather than the way it smells. Opt for a dish or satchel if you’re looking to fill a room with a subtle, warm scent.


Maison Verona Fragrance Beads

Like a reed diffusers, these tiny plastic beads have been soaked in fragrance oil. But instead of lasting weeks, they can give your room a gentle fragrance for several months in a row.

SCENTS: Which do you want?

  • Citrus: A scent that works well in both the kitchen and bathroom thanks to notes of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime.
  • Floral: This fragrance is an olfactory garden party. Think rose scented candles, lavender room sprays or a gardenia reed diffuser. Floral scents feel feminine and romantic making them a prime pick for the bedroom.
  • Clean: Give guests the impression you just did a load of laundry with a cool, clean fragrance. Skip using it in the kitchen and bathroom and instead try it out in the living room or guest room.
  • Fruity: This scent family includes non-citrus fruits like apple, cherry and even pomegranate. It tends to be sweeter than other fragrances, which makes it a great option for summer months.
  • Woodsy: This scent often has rich, warm hints of cedar, sandalwood and musk, making it a top choice when the temperature drops.

How often do you buy a new scent for your home?

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