Back Massagers: 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

December 31, 2013

Back Massagers: 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

Quick quiz: You have…

A. Tons of money to blow on a regular professional rub down.

B. A significant other with the magic touch.

C. None of the above.

If you answered “C,” then a hand-held back massager should be at the top of your must-have list. How else will you nix the kinks and knots brought on by work week stress? But before you snatch up any old massager, keep this list of six facts in mind.

1. You can use most massagers anywhere on your body.

Hand-held massagers (both electric and manual) can be used to soothe just about any part of your body. That means you can take your new tool to town on your feet, calves, arms, back and shoulders.

2. You can use a manual massager in the shower.

The downside to using a manual massager is that it requires a little elbow grease to get the job done. The upside? The lack of cords and batteries means you can administer sweet stress-relief while soaking in a tub full of bubbles. Many manual massagers also double as a back scratcher or a scrub brush. So you can nix the itch or exfoliate after you work out all the kinks.

3. Consult with a doctor before you invest in an electric massager.  

That is if you are pregnant, have a pace maker, suffer from diabetes, thrombosis or phlebitis, are at risk for blood clots, or have pins and/or screws in your shoulders, knees, neck or back. It may sound like a silly precaution, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Electrical massagers come in a variety of head sizes.

While variety is the spice of life, it can also make purchasing a massager that much more difficult. There are tiny handheld massagers you can stick in your pocket, slim massagers with small round heads and massive massagers that have several rotating knobs. If you really want to get wild and crazy, invest in a massage cushion or a full-on massage chair.

5. Electric massagers give you a deeper massage than manual massagers.

An electric massager’s rotating action, flexible head and heat therapy (yes, there are massagers that actually warm the area you need massaging) means you’re going to get a deeper massage that’s customized to your needs.

6. A massager with an adjustable arm gives you more versatility.

An adjustable arm extends so you can get to those hard to reach places with ease. It also contracts, making the massager easier to travel with or tuck away in a bathroom drawer.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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