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Did You Know We Sell: Spa Systems for Your Shower?

Take your bathroom beyond the basics with one of our shower spa systems.

Did You Know We Sell?
Did You Know We Sell?

Take your bathroom beyond the basics with one of our shower spa systems.

Let it Rain

No need for an umbrella. This kind of rain is cleansing — literally. And thanks to Pulse AquaRain’s oversized shower head and a five-function handheld, your cleaning possibilities are endless.


Modern Love

Show off your atypical style with a shower system that’s a little outside-the-box. This sophisticated pick by Splash trades in a traditional round head for something square.



Living in the Future

There’s no two ways about it — Pulse’s Waimea Shower Spa looks like something you’d find on a spaceship. That said, earthlings will enjoy experimenting with its multiple sprays: cascading waterfall, oversized body jets, wide spray of small jets.


Simply Irresistible

Don’t let the basic design fool you. Oxygenics Escape’s dual head offers up 48 spray combinations. Translation: You could have a different shower experience every day for over a month.


Puttin’ on the Ritz

Who says you can’t have glitz and glam in the bathroom? The Maui Pulse Shower Spa sports a set of sweet curves and enough settings to make you feel like you’re at a professional spa.



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