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House Guest Guides [Free Downloads]

December 07, 2015 7

One thing that having a houseguest will teach you is that the things you think are obvious (like which handles need jiggled or which closet holds the towels) aren’t necessarily so obvious to someone else. And one thing that being a houseguest will teach you is that it’s really hard to guess how other people handle basic stuff…

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sophisticated urban christmas table

An Elegant Christmas Table

December 02, 2015 4

For this formal Christmas table, we wanted to take “merry and bright” in a sleek and sophisticated direction. Our Favorite Parts: The Natural Light: For most of us, candlelight is a go-to lighting choice for special occasions. But this intimate holiday celebration makes the most of the room’s abundant natural light to create a welcoming, airy ambiance. The Dramatic Contrasts: A dark table and…

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