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Chipotle Beef Chili

Make it a Party: Host a Chili Cook-Off

October 26, 2014

Chili connoisseurs get pretty competitive about their preferred pot — and that can make for a really great get-together. Host a chili-cook-off and you’ll send one guest home with bragging rights, and all of them full and happy! This party is so ridiculously easy to host — and entertaining to attend — that it just may become an annual…

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girls night out

Make it a Party: Girls’ Night In

September 26, 2014

As time flies by and life gets busier and busier, you may not be able to hang with your girlfriends as much as you’d like. Instead of the typical Girls’ Night Out dinner or drinks, why not host a casual Girls’ Night In instead? You’ll get to let loose, really catch up with everyone (versus…

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hack slow cooker

15 Tips to Hack Your Slow Cooker

September 18, 2014

Long considered a mainstay of busy moms, slow cookers– easy-to-clean, one-pot wonders–offer benefits to anyone, from novice to gourmand cooks. They allow for hands-off cooking with meltingly tender results from inexpensive, and often tougher, meats–and they’re now available in smaller sizes, though big-batch leftovers typically freeze beautifully. They’re also surprisingly great for sides and sweets and come…

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Make Once: Meals for the Week

September 15, 2014

“What’s for dinner?” is a question that can panic even the most enthusiastic home cook. Long work days, busy after-school schedules, and life in general leads many to make a hasty call for takeout. We’ve got a healthier, less expensive, better option for you! What if there was a simple formula to follow each week…

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7 Easy Ideas to Pack a Playful Lunch

September 05, 2014

Back to school means back to many routines, from packing backpacks to checking homework and running for school buses. But nothing strikes dread in the heart of most parents like the nightly ritual of making school lunch. What starts out as a nurturing gesture of love often comes home warm, squished, uneaten, rejected. Well, no…

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Tea homegating

Let’s Hear it for Team Homegate!

September 04, 2014

It’s football season! And while there’s no denying the allure of a time-honored tailgate, we’re big fans of another option: homegating. This year consider skipping the hassle, hustle, and expense of a trip to the stadium and put your energy into hosting a killer football party at home instead. Why get on Team Homegate? It’s…

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