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goodbye stale winter air

Say Goodbye to Stuffy, Stale Winter Air

February 07, 2016

We love nesting! Cuddling up by the fire. Snuggling up under blankets. Binge watching Netflix, guilt-free (hey, it’s cold outside). The only downside is that winter air can become stuffy, at best. If you’re going to be cooped up indoors, the following will ensure that your air is as fresh as it can be—you’ll breathe…

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RS clean window treatments

Ways To Clean Window Treatments

February 04, 2016

You’ll brighten up any room with suddenly spotless window treatments. Use these ideas for tidying up a few common types of blinds, shades, drapes, and curtains. But remember: always check the label to confirm the manufacturer’s recommendations first. HOW TO CLEAN: Plastic and Aluminum Blinds Remove as much dust as possible using a feather duster…

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clean leather

How to Clean and Protect Your Leather Items

February 03, 2016

I find leather to be a fascinating material. To me, it can portray two very distinct and different personalities. There’s the tough, hardworking leather that says, “Farmer!” “Construction worker!” “John Wayne!” This is the personality of rough, leatherwork gloves, horse reins, and farm boots. Then there is leather’s other, elegant side: Like a distant relative…

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RS more organized kids closet

Secrets to a More Organized Kid’s Closet

January 11, 2016

Beat the battle of the morning’s wake-up-and-dress routine with a neater, more streamlined closet. Here are a few organizing tips to get started. Make It Extra Kid-Friendly Get your children more involved in the getting-ready process by making the closet easier to access for their smaller selves. Help them reach hanging clothes by installing a…

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