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emergency preparedness

Get Your Home Hurricane-Ready

June 01, 2015

It’s hurricane season, and you know what that means: You’d better be ready. If you live in a hurricane-prone region, now is the time to stock up on supplies, prepare your emergency kit, and create an evacuation plan. It’s also a time to prepare your home for the possibility of damaging winds and water. So…

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3 Ways Dehumidifiers Make Summer More Bearable

May 27, 2015

Ah, summer. Sunshine, trips to the beach, cookouts, vacations—what’s not to like about the all-too-short summer season? Unfortunately, we do have to deal with the occasional bit of summer discomfort: mosquito bites (itch), the occasional sunburn (ouch), and skyrocketing humidity levels (ugh). The good news is that while we can’t eradicate mosquitoes or completely shelter…

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pollen be gone

Pollen, Be Gone!

April 15, 2015

April showers bring flowers … and pollen everywhere! Coating your porch. Sticking to your shoes. Landing in your hair! Turning you into a sneezing, swollen, itchy, allergy-ridden mess. What can you do? Let’s take a look. Keep the Outside, Outside On high pollen days, stay indoors and avoid fresh-cut grass and other triggers. Then do…

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