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Top-Shelf Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

October 12, 2015

I find that pantries—like closets and garages—tend to disorganize themselves rapidly and without warning. (My personal theory is that boxes of baking soda multiply independently at will.) But with winter right around the corner (wait—how did that happen?), it’s time to gear up for holiday baking and cooking. So before I dig out those hand-me-down…

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Fan

October 01, 2015 1

Every year when I put away my oscillating tabletop or freestanding fan, I am disgusted by how icky the blades have become. Not only is there an accumulation of dust, but there’s grime sticking to the blades and outer cage that probably comes from a combination of humidity, cooking, and too much sunscreen sprayed in…

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boost office productivity

10 Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Home Office

October 01, 2015

Working from home has its perks, but sometimes productivity isn’t one of them. So to help you get more done in your home office space, Jen Hofmann of offers these 10 savvy tips. 1. Start Your Day With Screens Off It’s tempting to check your email upon waking, but Hofmann calls this practice “a…

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

September 17, 2015

Nothing really gets done in the kitchen without some kind of run-in with the kitchen sink. Whether you’re cooking, rinsing, cleaning, or just washing your hands, the kitchen sink is always part of the action. Imagine then just how many germs it can attract and how important it is to keep clean. The good news…

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save money by spending

Ways to Save Money by Spending It

September 14, 2015

Trying to build a nest egg? Believe it or not, you don’t always have to cut back. Sometimes you actually can save a heap of money in the long run by spending a little now. Hard to believe? Check out these ideas from nationally recognized money and saving expert Andrea Woroch. Just follow her advice…

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