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autumnal allergies

20 Tips to Help Fight Autumnal Allergies

September 21, 2014

As leaves fall from the trees, they become a breeding ground for mold–one of the two culprits that cause autumnal allergy sufferers the most distress (the other is ragweed, with a powerful pollen that can travel as much as 400 miles away from its plant). Of course, when we close the windows against these allergic agents of misery,…

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clean display organize jewelry

How to Display and Organize Jewelry

September 01, 2014

According to New York-based stylist Sara Pollan, when people complain to her about not knowing how to accessorize correctly, the problem is usually not about lacking the right accessories. It’s more often that they can’t see what they have. “It’s difficult to incorporate jewelry and accessories into an outfit if they aren’t visible and accessible,” says…

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