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Cleaning Your Cleaning Supplies

December 29, 2014 1

If you pride yourself on your pristine home and your outstanding housekeeping standards, you probably also realize that it’s impossible to have a really clean home if your cleaning supplies are dirty. If you don’t, think about it: We run the vacuum cleaner along grubby floors and dusty blinds, in crevices down the side of the fridge where…

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Pre-Party House Prep

December 15, 2014 1

When you come home, your eyes probably sweep right past the stacks of papers and smattering of scuffmarks on the wall. And hey, we get it. After a while, little imperfections just sort of blend in—that is, until company comes over, and you realize that to fresh eyes, they may be very noticeable. Does this…

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setting the table

Organizing Holiday Table Decor

November 30, 2014

I love a good excuse to dress up the dining table. In fact, I’m often more excited about the table décor than I am about the food when it comes to dinner parties and big holiday get-togethers! The downside to my enthusiasm, however, is that with each passing holiday season, I tend to accumulate more and…

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