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Master Slushy Boots Season

January 04, 2016

Crisp, cool air. Fluffy, falling snowflakes. And gross, slushy shoes that turn doorways, foyers, and mudrooms into dirty, wet messes. Yuck. Here’s how to keep your entryway as pure as the driven … well, you know. Spring for a New Mat First things first—you need to swap your old muddy welcome mat for a bright…

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new year's resolution

The New Year’s Un-Resolution

December 30, 2015

Every year, millions of people go down the same old worn road. After the holidays and the good times, the presents and the cleanup, people discard all the enjoyment they’ve just had and sit down to begin the often-discouraging process of pointing out what’s wrong with their lives. Instead of enjoying the recent blessings and…

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post holiday cleanup

The Post-Holiday Cleanup

December 28, 2015

Christmas is over. After all the buildup, decorating, and—finally—the fun-filled day itself, the Yuletide-season has run its course, leaving behind happy children, tired-yet-joy-filled adults, and, of course, a major mess that can feel like a bit of a letdown. It doesn’t have to be that way! Instead of looking around the house, thinking, “Where am…

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lower holiday stress

4 Simple Ways to Lower Holiday Stress

November 27, 2015

The parties! The shopping! The decorating! The traveling! The cooking! Ah, yes, the holidays can easily leave you feeling breathless and overwhelmed—or in other words: stressed. So, before you get too caught up in the gingerbread-scented whirlwind, take a minute to check out these four simple stress-lowering tips, courtesy of stress-relief expert and best-selling author…

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trash tips

Trash Talk: 4 Tips Holiday Hosts Should Not Refuse

November 26, 2015

Used wrapping paper! Disposable holiday plates! Cups! Napkins! Leftovers! There’s no doubt about it: guests and holidays equal extra trash. And while I admit that garbage isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, it’s one of those “It’s-got-to-be-done, might-as-well-do-it-right” tasks that I actually find kind of appealing. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to simplify the holiday…

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