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prepare winter storms

Tips for Being Prepared for Winter Storms

January 10, 2015

I learned a few things during the record-breaking winter of 2013-2014, and one of the most important was that being prepared for a major winter storm helps alleviate some of the stress. There’s enough to worry about with winter storm watches, wind chill warnings, and lake-effect snow advisories dominating the weather forecast — if you…

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humidifiers make winter bearable

3 Ways Humidifiers Make Winter Bearable

January 05, 2015 3

Let’s face it. In some parts of the country (can we all say Wisconsin?), winters are long, and cold, and tiring — which is why coming home to a moisture-zapped atmosphere after braving the elements all day isn’t tops on my list. But with furnaces running 24/7, the cold, dry air of winter becomes depleted…

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