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beer pairings with food

Beer Pairings for Holiday Meals

October 24, 2014

A memorable holiday meal is a time when everyone comes together; good food is shared, stories are told, and beer is poured. Wait…beer? Yes, according to Garrett Oliver, the highly revered brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery and recipient of the 2014 James Beard Award (“Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional”), beer should most definitely be…

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decorate feng shui

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

October 23, 2014

Has your bedroom lost that loving feeling? Is it more Candy Crush and “Kandi’s Wedding” than rest and relaxation? I’ve got two words for you: feng shui. Before you dismiss this ancient practice as a bunch of hoo-ha, consider this: Feng shui is all about balancing a room’s energy to help bring about good health and fortune, two…

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glamourous gold thanksgiving

Glamorous Gold Thanksgiving

October 22, 2014 1

In most American dining rooms, Thanksgiving Dinner is one of the year’s biggest events. So we’ve created a luxe, formal table that lives up to the holiday’s VIP status. This opulent look is based on rich colors and vivid patterns, and it glitters with one of the hottest tabletop trends — gold. Ready to go…

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pairing wine

Pairing Wine with Traditional Holiday Entrees

October 20, 2014 1

When it comes to picking out wines for the much-anticipated holiday meal, it’s hard to know where to start. It may even cause your stress level to bubble up faster than an agitated bottle of Dom Pérignon. So to help you quell any holiday wine-pairing anxiety without reaching for that bottle — ahem, glass —…

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elegant halloween decorations

Elegant Halloween Decor

October 20, 2014

When Halloween rolls around, many people gleefully deck their halls with cobwebs, skulls, and spiders, but somehow I just can’t warm up to the idea of a fake tarantula gracing my front porch. Maybe it’s arachnophobia or maybe just a penchant for a less ghoulish Halloween, but either way, I’m looking to add some elegance to…

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