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sexy back in bedroom

Bring Sexy Back to Your Bedroom

February 09, 2015 1

Show of hands: Who here thinks their bedroom could use a makeover? Yup, my hand is raised, too. Sure, my room started out on the right foot. It had a color scheme, some art on the walls, even a new nubby rug. But slowly, steadily, it morphed into its current, hodgepodge state: part home office,…

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decorate feng shui

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

October 23, 2014

Has your bedroom lost that loving feeling? Is it more Candy Crush and “Kandi’s Wedding” than rest and relaxation? I’ve got two words for you: feng shui. Before you dismiss this ancient practice as a bunch of hoo-ha, consider this: Feng shui is all about balancing a room’s energy to help bring about good health and fortune, two…

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