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Wardrobe Organization Ideas You Can Steal From College Kids

August 05, 2014

Mention the words “closet organization” to a group of friends and you’re guaranteed to get a collective groan. Sometimes finding the right solution takes an out-of-the-box approach. Case in point: dorm organization products. Before you discount them as child’s play, know this — dorm organizers are specifically geared towards making it easy for style-conscious consumers to…

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line dry clothes

How to Line Dry Clothes Like a Pro

July 12, 2014

Nothing beats the scent of clothes dried outside on the line, and with summer here, now is the perfect time to reap the many benefits of using your “solar dryer.” Clothes last longer when dried outside because they don’t get overheated, and sunlight provides a natural sanitizing and bleaching agent. Follow these handy how-tos, and…

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Organizing shoes and boots

Organizing Shoes and Boots

February 20, 2014 2

I have any addiction. Sometimes I think it’s under control, but most of the time I try to hide it. My vice? Shoes and boots. I just can’t get enough of them. unfortunately my closets pay the price. As anyone in NYC will tell you, closet space can be hard to come by, so we…

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