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cleaning supplies

Cleaning Your Cleaning Supplies

December 29, 2014 4

If you pride yourself on your pristine home and your outstanding housekeeping standards, you probably also realize that it’s impossible to have a really clean home if your cleaning supplies are dirty. If you don’t, think about it: We run the vacuum cleaner along grubby floors and dusty blinds, in crevices down the side of the fridge where…

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champagne 101

Champagne 101

December 23, 2014

Champagne—and other sparkling wines—are a great way to amp an occasion from fun to unforgettable. If you’re breaking out the bubbly, keep these tips in mind. Choose it: Champagne is a very specific wine—it must be grown in a specific region of France to get the name. But there are a range of other sparkling wines…

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