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solar owl

Fun in the Sun With Solar-Powered Items

April 14, 2016

Solar electricity: Free energy constantly streaming down from the sky, right? Indeed! It’s easy to love solar panels, as you can’t get much more green than electricity generated from the sun. In the big picture, all of Earth’s energy (except for geothermal processes) ultimately comes from the sun, so using solar eliminates the expense—and waste—of…

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How to Create a Mudroom Almost Anywhere

April 09, 2016 1

Like a pair of top-notch rain boots, a mudroom sounds like a luxury—until, that is, you’ve been stuck in a storm and realized it’s an absolute necessity. After all, where else can you strip off soaking-wet socks and store dirt-splattered jackets so the grit and grime isn’t spread throughout your house? But if you are…

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household tools

6 Household Tools Everyone Should Have

April 04, 2016

Unless you are lucky enough to have a live-in handyman standing around waiting to fix every broken doorknob or stuck window, you’ll have to tackle some small home-repair tasks yourself. For that, you need a small but powerful set of simple tools that you can keep anywhere in the house, ready at a moment’s notice…

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