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Six Essentials for Traveling with Small Children

August 01, 2014

For many years I worked as a nanny for a family that traveled internationally on a fairly consistent basis. While getting the chance to see the world was a definite perk, I quickly realized that there are several must-haves to survive hours on a plane with small children. I’m not referring to diapers, wipes, and…

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wall decor

Don’t Need It, But Want It — Wall Decals

July 19, 2014

Lately my walls have been giving me the blues. Since I rent, a permanent solution like painting or wallpaper isn’t an option. So naturally, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of decals. Do I need to invest in removable wall-wear? No, of course not. But that’s never stopped me before (insert evil laugh). Bookshelves Wall…

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cooking with kids

Top 10 Tips for Cooking with the Kiddos

March 29, 2014

Kids definitely love to play, both at the playground and in the kitchen. Get them involved in meal prep and you’ll not only be teaching them a lifelong skill, but you’ll help them become healthier, more adventurous eaters. Not to mention cooking together can be a great creative outlet, mean more family bonding time, and…

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Organize a kid's room

How to Organize A Kid’s Room

December 05, 2013 2

This weekend I had a big blowout party for my son’s fourth birthday. A room full of sugar-high, screaming four-year-olds didn’t faze me. It was the end of the party–when I saw a mountain of presents as big as my bed–that I started to panic. My son was beyond thrilled as he shredded the outer…

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