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a in real life gathering

How to Host a Real-Life Gathering for Online Friends

September 23, 2016

You’re close with people in your Facebook group. You’ve traded cooking techniques; offered congratulations for weddings, babies, and anniversaries; and commiserated about personal struggles. But you haven’t met IRL—in real life—yet. Hosting an IRL gathering for your online friends can actually strengthen your sense of community. It’s an opportunity to authenticate your bond. Here’s how…

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block party

How to Plan a Block Party Without Stressing Out

July 01, 2016

What time-honored summer tradition corrals a neighborhood better than a block party? You meet new neighbors, catch up with old ones, and just have fun. With our easy tips, you can plan a stress-free block party that goes off without a hitch. Do: Recruit neighbors with useful skills. You’ll need someone artistic to make up…

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Entertain with ease

Entertain With Ease: Get Set for Outdoor Parties

June 04, 2016

One of the best things about the arrival of warm weather is being able to spend time outside. When it comes to entertaining, your outdoor space is the equivalent of gaining an extra room! Whether you have a tiny balcony or full backyard kitchen, it’s a great idea to give your outdoor space a thorough,…

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outdoor lighting after sunset

Bright Ideas: Outdoor Lighting for After Sunset

May 30, 2016

Everyone loves entertaining outdoors. Friends are funnier, drinks taste better, and life’s possibilities seem somehow more … possible when celebrating under the stars. But what transforms the great outdoors into a great place to party? Good lighting. “It’s key to a useable and beautiful outdoor space,” says celebrity designer Erinn Valencich. Here are some of…

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may day

How to Celebrate May Day

May 01, 2016

It’s May Day! This ancient celebration is said to have originated more than 2,000 years ago, and it may have roots in the Roman festival called Floralia, which was held in honor of the goddess Flora. Over time, May Day came to be seen as more of a religious holiday in some cultures, while still…

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