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outdoor lighting after sunset

Bright Ideas: Outdoor Lighting for After Sunset

May 30, 2016

Everyone loves entertaining outdoors. Friends are funnier, drinks taste better, and life’s possibilities seem somehow more … possible when celebrating under the stars. But what transforms the great outdoors into a great place to party? Good lighting. “It’s key to a useable and beautiful outdoor space,” says celebrity designer Erinn Valencich. Here are some of…

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may day

How to Celebrate May Day

May 01, 2016

It’s May Day! This ancient celebration is said to have originated more than 2,000 years ago, and it may have roots in the Roman festival called Floralia, which was held in honor of the goddess Flora. Over time, May Day came to be seen as more of a religious holiday in some cultures, while still…

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bar cart

Must-Have, Multiuse Entertaining Pieces

April 11, 2016

Love to entertain? You probably already know about versatile staples such as white silverware, white tablecloths, and small votive candles. If you want to raise your hosting skills up a notch, add a few of our must-have, multiuse entertaining pieces to your repertoire. They will come in handy for events of all kinds all year…

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