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Don’t Need But Want: Monogrammed Décor

January 15, 2016

We love to name things after people—restaurants, parks, libraries, hospitals, schools. We all seem to share a fascination with putting names on things. But even more specifically, we want our names—or, at the very least, our initials—on all our stuff: Towels, shirts, pillows, you name it. Monogrammed items allow us to proclaim ownership while adding charm to…

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BBB-EASTER-SPRING-20151064-mirror wall

Let’s Reflect: The Best Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

October 15, 2015

Have you ever walked into a house without a mirror? Me neither. And that ubiquity makes sense. Mirrors are perhaps the most useful elements of a home’s decor: Not only do they offer a spot to assess your appearance, they can also make your room look brighter and airier. And—bonus!—they’re relatively inexpensive. For fresh ways to work these multitaskers into your home,…

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5 Reasons We Love Plaid

September 21, 2015 2

What’s not to like about plaid? When a particular pattern endures for centuries, it’s usually for a good reason. And while it’s sometimes overshadowed by some of the other patterns and prints, plaid is truly one of the most attractive, unique designs in existence. (To be perfectly accurate, there are technical differences between checkered patterns,…

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Don’t Need But Want: Fancy New Luggage

August 03, 2015

Unlike most items in my closet that I tend to update, replace, and replenish on a fairly regular basis, I seem to take an, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to my travel luggage. This is ridiculous, really, because it means I’ve been using the same suitcases for about 10 years! As with…

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animal touches

Add ‘Animal Touches’ to Your Décor

July 31, 2015

Incorporating “animal touches” — such as a sumptuous faux fur throw or an exotic print — into a space can be a great way to add texture, depth, and even intrigue. But if done without thought, it’s easy to end up with a look that’s more kitsch than cool. So, to help tame the potential…

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Trend to Try: Driftwood

June 18, 2015

When faced with the prospect of long, hot summer days, many of us only want one thing: the beach. The cool water, the silky sand, the salty air — seriously, what’s not to love? Which may help explain the recent resurgence of that most classic beach element: driftwood. Easily the ocean’s best parting gift (sorry,…

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decorate feng shui

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

October 23, 2014

Has your bedroom lost that loving feeling? Is it more Candy Crush and “Kandi’s Wedding” than rest and relaxation? I’ve got two words for you: feng shui. Before you dismiss this ancient practice as a bunch of hoo-ha, consider this: Feng shui is all about balancing a room’s energy to help bring about good health and fortune, two…

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