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tools for fall cleaning

6 Must-Have Tools for Fall Cleaning

October 08, 2014

When I “spring” into spring cleaning, I love getting the house ready for the hustle-bustle of summer’s activities. Fall cleaning brings an entirely different set of emotions — comforting feelings of settling in for winter, a sense of a slower pace, and the desire to get the house ship-shape after the craziness of summer. But…

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fall photo tips

Photography Tips for Fall Colors

September 22, 2014

If only fall colors — those fiery, breathtaking hues of reds, oranges, and yellows — could last forever. Thank goodness for cameras! But owning a camera, or a smartphone with serious megapixel power, is only part of what you need to sufficiently capture the colorful essence of fall. You need a bit of photography know-how…

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autumnal allergies

20 Tips to Help Fight Autumnal Allergies

September 21, 2014

As leaves fall from the trees, they become a breeding ground for mold–one of the two culprits that cause autumnal allergy sufferers the most distress (the other is ragweed, with a powerful pollen that can travel as much as 400 miles away from its plant). Of course, when we close the windows against these allergic agents of misery,…

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hack slow cooker

15 Tips to Hack Your Slow Cooker

September 18, 2014

Long considered a mainstay of busy moms, slow cookers– easy-to-clean, one-pot wonders–offer benefits to anyone, from novice to gourmand cooks. They allow for hands-off cooking with meltingly tender results from inexpensive, and often tougher, meats–and they’re now available in smaller sizes, though big-batch leftovers typically freeze beautifully. They’re also surprisingly great for sides and sweets and come…

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