Reason to Celebrate: Hosting a Gift Wrapping Party

November 30, 2012

Reason to Celebrate: Hosting a Gift Wrapping Party

Let’s face it—wrapping all of those holiday gifts will be a whole lot more fun if you get to chat with your friends while you do it. Plan a secret late-night (or while the kids are in school) party so everyone can get their gifts under wraps.

  • Set the date. Plan your party for a week or two before the holidays, and give guests a few weeks’ notice, so they can be sure to get all of their shopping done in enough time.
  • Make sure your kids will be out of the picture. Select a time when your kiddos are asleep or at school—or arrange for your mate to take them out on an adventure so no surprises are spoiled.
  • Stock up on supplies. If you want, splurge on all the ribbons, wrap, gift bags and gift tags your guests will need—or have everyone bring a roll or two to share, so people get “foreign” wrap for their gifts. At the very least, have enough scissors, pens and tape so no one has to share.
  • Consider letting guests drop their to-be-wrapped gifts off early. If you have room in your secret stashing spot, let guests start bringing their gifts over a few days before, so they have less to carry on the day of the party.
  • Serve some stellar snacks. Choose light fare that isn’t too greasy or saucy—you don’t want someone to end up smearing chicken wing hot sauce all over a precious gift. It doesn’t have to be a huge menu—think a few nice cheeses with bread or crackers, fresh fruit and of course, a big tray of Christmas cookies.
  • Create a festive cocktail. A special champagne punch, served in a pretty punch bowl, makes a great signature drink for your party, served alongside a few favorite wines or some coffee.
  • Make room. Gift wrapping requires space—so clear off some workspace at a big table, and set up additional tables as needed. (Even an ironing board can work in a pinch as a small station.) Be sure to designate spots where each guests can keep their gifts pre- and post-wrap, to ensure that no one accidentally walks off with the wrong gift.
  • Keep Santa alive. Have your friends switch duty for the Santa gift tags, so the kids don’t recognize the handwriting—it’ll help keep the mystique of Santa around for another year.
  • Send them home with a gift. Share a small box of your favorite cookies with each guest—or let them take home a special gift wrap cutter to make their at-home wrapping a breeze.

Lisa Milbrand

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