Fan-Favorite Secret Santa Ideas

December 20, 2012 3

Fan-Favorite Secret Santa Ideas

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans about their go-to secret Santa ideas. And in the nearly 350 replies we received, we spotted two major trends, both of which make great starting points for planning a gift of your own: The first is adding a ‘little something extra’ to make an otherwise standard gift special. And the second? Giving gifts that are super-practical rather than flashy.

That Something Extra

Many people recommended going with a food or wine gift, but spicing it up with a personalized twist: A special holiday plate for cookies, or a pretty wine bag–like this monogrammed wine bag–for a bottle of vino.

Of course, many of our Bed Bath & Beyond fans tell us that kitchen gadgets are a favorite (to give or receive!). This idea from Christy T. really takes gadget gifts over the top: She themes her present, for example, tying a bow and a recipe for enchiladas to the gadgets needed to make them: a lime squeezer, an avocado knife, and a tortilla holder. (How about a chile twister, too, for removing those pesky jalapeño seeds?)

Gift cards were also touted as a great way to make sure recipients get exactly what they want. But Denise K. also added that she puts her gift card gifts in a picture frame for a personal present.

Handy & Necessary

Some of the ideas we saw for practical gifts were things we can imagine almost anyone needing at some point or another. Karen S. suggested a gift certificate to a car wash (genius!), and Iris A. suggested a pocket umbrella, which is a great idea for people who (ahem) manage to lose several times a year.

Another clever unisex gift was recommended by Lauren M., who suggested earbuds (and, in keeping with the “something extra” trend above, a little candy from near the checkout aisle!).

And then there are the gifts that are necessary–for relaxing. We saw many suggestions for candles and aroma diffusers (along with warnings to be sure the person you’re giving the gift to doesn’t have any allergies or scent sensitivities), and other tools for relaxing like spa kits, slippers, and neck massagers.

So, tell us in the comments: What’s the best Secret Santa gift you’ve ever received (or given)?

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  1. put me in on a free give away love your store, my bf just starting to work with you ,thank you for letting have a job with your store. he love it there,in the wherehouse in pendgress ga, Rolland Hunnicutt. great guy SECRET SANTA WILL BE NICE we are caring for our grand kids and not much to give them. thank you again,.

    - patty cole
  2. I gave a friend a pillow with Hawaiian designed fabric. Idea: get some rest. She liked it so much she went out and bought another one just like it.

    - Linda Cacpal
    1. Linda, that’s a really cute idea. A little vacation-in-a-pillow.

      - Above & Beyond

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