Gifts for Pet Lovers … and Their Pets

December 13, 2012

Gifts for Pet Lovers … and Their Pets

Your sister brings her dachsund everywhere. Your cousin has photos of his tabby on the mantle. Even your mother dresses the family Pekingese in quirky ensembles for special occasions.

To say you have a few pet lovers in your life is a gross understatement.

This year, instead of chooosing a present for the people, cater to their fuzzy friends with one of our nifty suggestions for pet gifts instead. They’ll think you’re the cat’s meow.

Your little brother just got a puppy. He wants to take on a little more responsibility. You want to make sure the pup doesn’t end up subsisting on beer and cheese curls, like your bro. Start them off on the right foot with a pet supply organizer and a big bag of dog food. (And check in every so often … just in case.)

The Refined Feline™ Kitty Ball Bamboo Bed™ on Bed Bath & BeyondYour sister’s cat has champagne tastes and caviar dreams. And it’s not surprising, considering the owner. Surprise her couture kitty with a mod looking ball-shaped cat bed. The fussy feline and her owner may not express their gratitude overtly (divas rarely do), but we’re sure they’ll think the gift is to-die-for.

Your aunt spends more time staring at her fish tank than at her computer screen. Goldie gets star treatment, but you know your colleague worries on those long weekends or sick days. Give her peace of mind with an automated feeder that dispenses food for up to 6 weeks. Bonus: You’re off the hook for feeding duty when she’s off in Maui!

Your best friend has a husband, two kids and a bernese mountain dog. And all of them end up in the same bed at some point during the night. Give your bestie and her hubs the gift of a little more breathing room with a deluxe dog house and dog bed.

Your co-worker loves to post pictures of her cat on Facebook. In fact, there are more photos of Whiskers on her profile than pictures of herself. Let her express her love for kitty photo ops offline with a pet lover’s photo frame. Throw in a chic cat shelf for posed shots and some choice cat toys so she can catch the little fur ball in action.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

Have a favorite pet gift you’ve given or received? Let us know about it in the space below. 

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