The Big Bedroom Closet Purge

January 14, 2013 2

The Big Bedroom Closet Purge

Every homeowner has a dirty secret. Yours happens to be the state of your bedroom closet. It’s overstuffed, unorganized and therefore impossible to find anything in. In fact, the impending avalanche of items – a.k.a. your epic wardrobe — has turned getting dressed into a perilous activity.

It’s time for a serious purge.

While letting go of items is never easy,  this step-by-step instructional on bedroom closet organization will have you primed to neaten that closet, stat.

1. Take stock.

As with any purge/clean/organizational project you need to have a clear idea of what you have before you can start to get rid of things. Pull out all of your clothes so you can get a solid idea of what exactly you own. You may discover that you didn’t leave that alpaca cowl neck at your ex’s apartment — it was just lost in the abyss at the back of your closet.

2. Try on everything.

And we mean everything — sweaters, jeans, boots, dresses. It’s the only way you’ll be able to gauge what items don’t fit or aren’t flattering.

3. Let go.

Yes, you may be a size four again someday. Yes, bicycle shorts may have another heyday. And yes, your prom dress holds incredible sentimental value. But we’re here to tell you it’s time to let go. Take a good hard look at each piece in your wardrobe and if it fills any of the following requirements, it isn’t a keeper:

  • It doesn’t fit. Only celebrities with personal trainers manage to stay the same size for eternity. Don’t torture yourself by holding on to old jeans that require a pair of pliers to zip. Instead, create room for clothes that make your current shape look totally fierce.
  • It isn’t flattering. If green makes you look like you have the flu, why do you have three green button downs?
  • You haven’t worn it in the last year. We guarantee you won’t wear it in the next year. No, trust us.
  • It’s out of style. Your white go-go boots were at one point major head-turners. They’re not now. Get rid of them. Or give them to your teenage daughter.
  • It’s damaged. No one should be walking around in clothes that have holes, tears or stains. No one.
  • It’s from high school. You’re a grown up. There’s no need for your letter jacket to be taking up precious closet space. Relive the memories through photos, not the actual items.

4. Donate and trash.

This is a no brainer: donate items in good condition to your local charity and trash items that have seen better days.

5. Use organization to keep the chaos at bay.

Closet systems, space saving hangers and shoe organizers are all ways to keep your closet in check. Not only do they give each item a home, but they’re a great gauge for overflow.

6. Be seasonal.

Tuck away winter clothes in storage bins and vacuum seal bags during the summer. This will give you loads more room for those pretty summer dresses you’ve had your eye on.

7. Leave a little space.

If you start with a full closet, you won’t have room for new items. Always leave a little space. The easiest way to do this is by ditching an old item every time you buy something new.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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  1. I am cleaning out my closet at this very minute. It was reassuring to read about purging. This is going to help me go back in the bedroom and make my get rid of more items. So glad you posted when you did!!

    - ann
    1. Hey Ann, how is your purge/clean-up going? Did you get rid of more stuff?

      - Amy Laskin

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