Organize Your Craft Room in Five Steps

January 17, 2013

Organize Your Craft Room in Five Steps

One glance at your craft room and you know you’re in trouble. With no organization in place, it’s quickly gone from creative space to epic disaster. Rather than attempt crafting in chaos, it’s time to invest in some tools to help you whip your room (no matter what the size) into fantastic shape.

1. Start with the Closet

For many craft queens (and kings) the quick solution to a disorganized room is streamlined closet space. If you have a walk-in, put a modular system at the top of your list. These organizing units provide plenty of adjustable storage to keep potential messes in check. While the shelf space is made for storing bits-and-bobs, a hanging rack is great for finished sewing projects or large pieces of fabric.

Stuck with a small closet space? A little creative thinking, a few small, free-standing shelving units, and a file cabinet are all you need to cobble together your own closet system.

Be creative: Purchase rolling units and you’ll be able to pull them out when you need them and tuck them away when you’re done.

2. Add Bins, Baskets, Boxes and Buckets

A craft room can never have too many bins, baskets, and buckets. These containers are key to keeping your shelves in tip-top shape. Don’t go for bland and boring — a craft room should be inspiring. Look for storage containers in bright colors, or those made from interesting materials. Or let the materials speak for themselves: See-through containers and those with attached labels nix the mystery of what’s inside.

Be creative: Indulge in more than one kind of craft? Color code your containers. That way you’ll never mix up your scrapbooking supplies with your sewing accoutrements.

3. It’s All About the Wall

A craft room with limited or no closet space means you’re really going to have to use your walls. Plain Jane shelves and free-standing bookcases are workable, but wall-mount storage racks geared toward crafting may be the lifesaver you’re looking for. Many of these specialized units are designed with space for hard-to-store items like spools of thread, yarn, ribbon, and tissue paper.

Be creative: In a room with minimal space, install an over-the-door shelving unit or shoe bag as extra storage.

4. Don’t Forget Furniture

While storage units and shelving are important, the right furniture is going to make or break your craft room. Economy is the name of the game — choose furniture with plenty of drawers, or opt for a table that you can tuck rolling storage racks or drawer units underneath.

Be creative: Outfit the room with seating that also doubles as storage.

5. It’s the Little Things

Craft rooms are full of little odds-and-ends that can end up creating a huge mess. Drawer dividers, jewelry organizers, jars and small bowls are all key in keeping buttons, pens, pencils and other sundries from wreaking havoc.

Be creative: Use a kitchen utensil holder to keep crafting tools like scissors and Exacto knives organized and easy to access.

Have a favorite organizational tool? Don’t keep it a secret! Let us know all about it in the space below.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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