Put it Away: Smart Storage for Holiday Stuff

January 04, 2013

Put it Away: Smart Storage for Holiday Stuff

You probably resolved to get organized this year (most of us did). And frankly, those beat up cardboard boxes you drag out for your decorations just aren’t cutting it. We know, we know: They’re cheap and easy to replace. But they leave your lights tangled, your wreaths worse-for-wear, and they put your ornaments at risk for water damage.

Permanent Christmas storage solutions will help guarantee that your holly-jolly holiday items stay that way year after year–and it’s a great kickstart for your newly organized life.


Create a DIY system of your own by using plastic food storage containers to pack and organize individual ornaments, then storing the whole kit and caboodle in large waterproof storage bins.(Note: This storage system also works for wrapping gear like tape, tags and paper.)

No basement or an attic for your decorations? Stash them in  a colorful storage trunk instead.

Pyramid Cocktail Table at Bed Bath & Beyond

Faux Wreaths & Trees

Stuffing your holiday foliage in with the rest of the decor leads to tattered and twisted branches. Give them a home of their own with wreath or tree bags made of tough material (to allow for stacking) that will keep these holiday favorites looking fabulous.


There’s no need to kick off the holiday season with an epic bout of light de-tangling (though that can be fun for bystanders to watch). Snag a light reel and you can deck the halls with less drama. You can use these plastic reels keep to light, garland, and even extension cords from knotting up.

St. Nick's Choice Large Christmas Light Reel on Bed Bath & Beyond


Year after year your holiday china and stemware gets mixed back in with the everyday plates and cups. Nix having to tell your teenagers– repeatedly — not to eat breakfast off the Hanukkah plates by packing them in a china storage chest. Look for one with cushioned dividers that’s easy to stack, store, and carry.

Outdoor Decor

The plastic manger spends a good 11 months out of the year gathering dust in your garage. Keep it in mint condition (and out of sight in the off-season) by hiding it under one of those waterproof covers you use for the patio furniture.


That drawer full of holiday cards is a major don’t. Manage the mess with a card storage box. Snag one with dividers and you can use it to organize cards for every occasion.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

Have a holiday storage solution you love? Stash it in the space below.

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