10 Ways to Welcome Spring

April 16, 2013

10 Ways to Welcome Spring

It’s time say goodbye to winter doldrums, because spring has sprung! This is a great time to welcome the season and celebrate all its bounty—from budding leaves and fragrant flowers to fresh new beginnings. These are ten of our favorite ways to ring in spring.

1. Celebrate with friends

Libbey® Just Cocktails 5.5-Ounce Mini Cocktail Glasses
Libbey® Just Cocktails 5.5-Ounce Mini Cocktail Glasses

Come out of hibernation with an informal spring fling: Mix a springtime signature cocktail (strawberry mojitos or mint julep, anyone?), then enjoy them in the sun with your pals. You can even put together a little party gift: a packet of seeds,  some potting soil, and a little planter with a ribbon around it.

2. Refresh your closet

Wood Hangers with Satin Covers
Wood Hangers with Satin Covers

We know—cleaning a closet doesn’t sound  festive. But you will celebrate once the task is done and your warm-weather wardrobe is front-and-center.

Learn more: We have tips on closet cleaning right here on Above & Beyond!

3. Bring spring to the table

Nambe Elbo Bud Vase at Bed Bath & Beyond
Nambe Elbo Bud Vase

Dress up your table with fresh-cut flowers, like tulips, hyacinths, or hydrangeas, arranged in a pretty vase. Fresh flowers are always a welcome little treat–and bonus points for matching them to a fun tablecloth!

4. Brighten up the kitchen

It doesn’t take a huge investment to give you kitchen a little spring pop. Try accent pieces, like these (clockwise, from top left):

Brighten Your Kitchen at Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Bungalow Flooring New Wave Big Bloom Doormat
  • Tetsubin “Sakura” 37-Ounce Cast Iron Tea Pots with Infuser
  • MU Kitchen™ Apron
  • Joseph Joseph® 2-Piece Square Colander Set

5. Savor seasonal sweets

Libbey® Just Dessert 25-Piece Dessert Serving Set at Bed Bath & Beyond
Libbey® Just Dessert 25-Piece Dessert Serving Set

Make a fruity dessert. Fresh fruit and whipped cream is easy and good. Or channel your inner Paula Deen and make a pie (rhubarb and strawberries are in season).

 6. Clear the decks (& make some green!)

Make your sale a social event by inviting neighbors to participate, and when you’re setting up, remember: If your motive is to  get rid of stuff, price your items to move. (Don’t be annoyed when shoppers haggle over your already rock-bottom prices. It’s human nature: Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a deal.)

7. Kick back

Home Styles Black & Tan 3-Piece Tile Top Bistro Set
A pretty place to hang out when you’re outside

Get outside and do nothing. Nothing productive, that is. It’s fine to drink coffee, read a novel, or call your college roommate. Just be sure that you’re actively appreciating the fragrance, the colors, and the beauty that comes with spring.

8. Take a hike

A simple stroll is an excellent way to really see the changing seasons. With the world thawing out, this a great time to go on a nature walk–even if it’s just around your block. Snap photos of your favorite views with your camera-phone.

9. Have an adventure with your kids

Invite a kid to join you in a scavenger hunt. Make a list of “spring “things to look for: a puddle, a flower, leaves—you get the idea. Bring a bag for your child to collect her treasures. Or tell your younger ones about how March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb–then take them to the zoo to see both!

10. Be creative

Giini™ 8" Digital Picture FrameUse what you’ve gathered on your walks or adventures to make something inspiring. Create a spring collage, load your favorite pictures into a digital frame, or share a photo album on your favorite social media site. (Tell us and we’ll pin a few favorites on our Pinterest page!).

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