Knives – Let’s Get Right to the Point

April 16, 2013 3

Knives – Let’s Get Right to the Point

I couldn’t resist the silly title, but on the list of kitchen questions people have, knives are right up there. There are many different types with various uses — short, long, stubby, serrated — the list can go on and on. But fortunately buying good knives is like collecting, you don’t have to start big and can always add along the way. So be sure to check out what knives to start with. And since good knife skills take a while to develop, look for my onion dicing tutorial later this week, they are perfect to practice on.

What knives to start with

Sam the Cooking Guy

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  1. I am getting married this fall and I will most definatley register for these knives!! Amazing!!

    - Megan
  2. thank you for this information. I iwll now purchase a better quality knife or 2. my grandaughter is getting married and this will make a perfect gift

    - patsyr
    1. and a good knife can last nearly forever if you take good care of it. keep it sharp, don’t put it in the dishwasher and store it properly.

      - Sam Zien

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