Rainy Day Activities for Kids

April 04, 2013

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Kids and rain can be a rough mix. If April showers are falling and singing “Rain, Rain, Go Away” is beginning to wear thin, fear not: We have a dreary day plan of action. The following rainy day activities will keep the TV (and the whining!) off for hours.

Get Crafty

There are craft kits for kids for almost every interest and skill level. You can (clockwise, from top left):

Craft Kits for Kids at Bed Bath & Beyond
Rainy days are perfect for trying out new crafts

Play Games

The best way to have fun with games it to think beyond the basic board. Here are some of our favorite ideas (from left):

Think beyond the board for game-time fun.
Think beyond the board for game-time fun.
  • Play show and tell: Let each person explain and share their favorite game — (ours is the new sensation Pallina).
  • Have a puzzle contest to see who can complete their puzzle, like this Safari one, the fastest.
  • Or create your own board game and test it out. You’ll need some oversized paper and crayons or markers. using poster board. You and the kids can draw out the stages of the game on the poster board, make game pieces out of clay and print out paper money.

Dress-up and Make Believe

Kids costumes at Bed Bath & Beyond
Dressing up is a super way to spend a rainy day.

Both girls and boys love dress up and make-believe. You can buy a costume, but you certainly don’t have to: Plan ahead for rainy day fun by visiting the thrift store and stocking up on old clothing, shoes, hats, wigs and costume jewelry. Or just let them dress up in your clothes for a giggle.

Make Homemade Treats

Nostalgia Electrics™ Retro Series Cotton Candy Maker at Bed Bath & Beyond
Make your own cotton candy? Sweet!

Get out your favorite dessert cookbooks and pick out some recipes for tasty items like cupcakes, cookies, bars, and pies. You could even make cotton candy.

With indoor fun like this, it won’t be long before the kids are hoping to be “trapped” inside.

Julie Bawden-Davis

 Do you have any fun rainy day activities that you and your kids enjoy? Share them in the comments section below.

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