Style Guide: Getting Your Chevron On

April 17, 2013

Style Guide: Getting Your Chevron On

After a brief heyday in the 1970s, this zig zag print is finally back. In fact, chevron’s been showing up in so many stylish homes that it’s been dubbed “the skinny jeans of home design” by design blog Apartment Therapy. Although chevron is  a bold pattern that isn’t for the faint of heart, there are many ways, big and small, to incorporate it into any room. Here’s a guide to building a healthy relationship with this zippy pattern.

The Flirt

The conundrum:

Chevron’s caught your eye, but you’re not quite ready to tie the knot.

The solution:

You can test drive chevron on a much smaller scale with small accent pieces. Choose an item in the same color palette as the rest of the room and make sure it complements, rather than clashes, with any other patterned pieces you may already have. Some ideas:


Chevron accents at Bed Bath & Beyond
Chevron accents add zip without overwhelming.

Clockwise, from top left:

You can also incorporate this kicky print into your decor via toss pillows, bath ensembles and even hand towels.

The Casual Dater

The conundrum:

You’ve developed a full-on crush. And while you’re willing to go a little further than flirting, a permanent relationship isn’t in the cards (yet).

The solution:

Try incorporating this pattern into larger decorative elements. Pick items that make a statement, that can be switched out should you find yourself daydreaming over next season’s newest trend.

Chevron Decor at Bed Bath & Beyond
Up the chevron ante with bigger pops of the pattern

The Totally Committed

The conundrum:

When you find a pattern you like, you commit for the long haul. But does committing to an anchor piece in chevron mean all other patterns are out of the question?

The solution:

If you go big with chevron, split the difference. Try an oversized chevron print in muted tones, or small chevron print in bright colors.

This chevron wallpaper makes a big statement, but its muted palette mean you can still mix in other patterns (like that cute-as-a-button floral chair).

Photo: Apartment Therapy

How do you do chevron? Let us know in the space below.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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