Take Control: Jewelry

April 09, 2013

Take Control: Jewelry

Lately, you’ve been rolling sans accessories. While your friends are under the impression it’s a style choice (you are the trendsetter of the group), we know the real reason behind your sudden lack of flair. Seems the state of your jewelry box has reached hot mess proportions: tangled necklaces, earrings missing a mate, and baubles and bangles that have suffered nicks and chips, thanks to your disorganized ways.

No fear, Fashionista, all is not lost. We’re here to help you clean, care for, and–best of all, organize–your jewels, so you can reclaim your spot as the queen of style.

Give Items a Home

Tossing accessories into a drawer just isn’t cutting it. A jewelry box is a great start, but if you really want to get organized, give each accessory a home of its own.

  • Hang necklaces.Trust us, this is the foolproof way to keep them from getting tangled. A jewelry stand is great for chokers or shorter, chain necklaces; while a jewelry armoire will provide enough space and length to store longer, chunkier pieces. Or you can get creative and use a set of wall hooks to display your collection.

Jewelry Storage

  • Stack Rings. Rings should be stacked on a ring stand or stored in the padded section of your jewelry box. This will keep both expensive buys and costume pieces from getting nicked or bent out of shape.
  • Find the right place for earrings. Earrings are hands down the trickiest to organize. Danglies can be hung from a jewelry tree or a wall-mounted organizer; but studs need their own compartments.
  • Protect watches. Keep your leather watchbands from getting nicked by earring posts or necklace clasps by storing them in a watch box. Pick one with a glass top to display your favorite Rolex.

Glass Top Rosewood Watch Box at Bed Bath & Beyond

Travel Well

Hadaki® by Kalencom O'Floral Coated Jewelry Roll at Bed Bath & Beyond

Heading on a cross-country jaunt? Take your jewelry organization on the road! Store your accessories in a jewelry roll for the actual travel day. Once you get to your hotel, get creative. Throw your necklaces over a hanger or the doorknob to prevent tangles and knots. Keep danglies from getting damaged by hanging them off the rim of a coffee cup and use a plastic pill box to keep studs from losing their mates.

Keep it Clean

There are no two ways around it — jewelry’s got to be clean to really sparkle. Treat yours to a state-of-the-art cleanse with a sonic jewelry cleaner. These nifty (and compact) machines use tap water and sonic waves to bring back the sparkle and shine.

If you’d like to go a little less high-tech, Reader’s Digest suggests using products straight from the cupboard. Its list includes soaking gemstones in club soda, shining tarnished silver with ketchup, and bringing back the bling to solid gold by rubbing a little bit of beer on it.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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