10 Things You Need When You Get A Cat

April 30, 2013

10 Things You Need When You Get A Cat

Today is Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet Day. If you’re honoring this purrfect opportunity to add a feline to your family–Congrats! This list will help you make sure you’re set up to give your new pet a very happy homecoming.

1. Food Bowls: A cat will need two–one for food and another for water. Consider an elevated feeding set, which keeps food off the floor to make eating easier for your cat, and cleanup easier for you. (And don’t forget the food!)

2. Litter box: You don’t have to walk a cat, but you do need a spot for him to do his business. You can minimize the dirty work with a litter box that offers superior odor control and has a removable or disposable tray. (You’ll need litter, too.)

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3. Scratching post: Cats don’t just like to stretch, they need to. So protect your furniture by setting up a sturdy post (or two) to give your kitty a spot to tone her muscles and de-stress.

4. Bed: She probably won’t use it all the time–cats sleep where they want–but if you provide a cozy bed just for her, chances are she’ll spend a lot of time there.

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5. Carrier: Get your kitten to and from his vet appointments (or even take him on vacation) with a pet carrier. If you need one that’s easy to lift and a breeze to store, try a soft carrier with mesh ventilation .

6. Toys: Between naps, your cat will need a few toys to keep her entertained. Stock up on those she can play with alone (like balls, feathers and bells she can bat) and some that you can use together (like a remote-control mouse, or a laser).

7. Cat deshedder: This nifty tool removes more loose fur than standard brushes, which means you’re less likely to end up with hair all over your favorite sweater. You’ll also spend less time vacuuming it from your carpet and furnishings.

8. Waterless cat shampoo: Indoor cats don’t need baths often, but they can get into the occasional mess. Does your new tabby hate the tub? Nix the struggle (and keep her coat shiny) with waterless shampoo.

9. Filtered water fountain: This is far from a necessity, but who doesn’t want to spoil their new pet a little? Thanks to a charcoal filter, this contraption gives your kitty a free-falling stream of clean, quality water anytime.

10. Pet food organizer: Once you know what food your cat will be eating, you’ll want to arrange it in the neatest way possible. These wire dispensers keep cans of cat food stacked, organized and out of the way.

Did you adopt your bet from a shelter? Tell us about it in the comments.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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