Take Control: Scarves

May 01, 2013 2

Take Control: Scarves

My extensive scarf collection (and by extensive, I mean more scarves than any person should realistically own) is both my pride and joy and the bane of my existence. While I own a scarf for just about every occasion (from job interviews to hiding from ex-boyfriends) I’ve struggled with how to store them.

Hangers don’t work–scarves tend to slip off of them and then end up in a pile on the floor. And tossing them in a drawer means I waste my morning sifting through scarves, rather than sipping my latte. But I don’t back down from an organizational challenge: I’ve found these solutions to take control of my winter and summer scarves. Try them out and let me know what you think.

Scarf Organizer

One or two of these are a must if you don’t have a lot of scarves to contend with. They hang in the closet and have loops (usually six to twelve) that keep your favorite accessory from slipping onto the floor without creasing it. Snag one for fashion scarves and use a separate organizer for winter ones.


Pictured: Real Simple Scarf/Belt Hangers, Umbra Little Black Dress Scarf Organizer, Owl Scarf and Belt Organizer


Both wall hooks and over-the-door hooks can be key for organizing a small scarf collection. Devote a hook to each scarf, or double up if you need to. Those with limited space (aka: a studio apartment) can get creative by picking pretty set of hooks to instantly turn a scarf collection into fashionable yet functional wall decor.

Scarf Hooks at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: Metal Bird Hooks, InterDesign® York Lyra Over-The-Door 5-Hook Rack

Door Shoe Organizers

That over-the-door shoe organizer isn’t just for shoes, my friends. It can also be used for your scarves. Simply roll up each scarf and stick it in a pouch. Put the scarves you wear the most in the middle where they’re easiest to reach, and place the ones you rarely wear at the top and the bottom.

Underbed Shoe Organizers

Surprise, surprise — yet another shoe organizer can be re-purposed as storage for scarves. An underbed organizer is made for those who have limited closet or wall space. Each divided section is big enough to fit two or three scarves, depending on their thickness. Make things really easy on yourself and place winter options in one half and fashion scarves in another.

Baskets and Bins

This is one storage solution that only works if you have plenty of closet space and lots of scarves. You’re going to need more than one basket or bin for it to actually feel organized.

Keep baskets of winter scarves in the coat closet. Have one basket for adult scarves and one for kids. If you want to get really organized, assign a basket for each family member.

As for your fashion scarves, divide them by color or style (fringed, silk, etc.). If you’re storing the baskets on a shelf, chose the kind that have a little label in the front. That way you know exactly what’s in each basket and you don’t have to pull it down each time you’re looking for a scarf.

Scarf Bin and Basket at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: CoCaLo Couture™ Aidan 3-Piece Basket and Liner, Max Dot 3 Storage Bin Set

Anyone else out there with my problem of too many scarves? How do you store your collection? Let us know in the space below.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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  1. Ha! I have a blog post sitting in drafts about my scarf collection. I too was having trouble keeping them together and organized. I like the idea of storage baskets too. You can turn the baskets on their sides so you can see your scarves.

    - Tidy-Up Gal

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