Style Guide: Boho Chic

May 20, 2013

Style Guide: Boho Chic

Flip through home decor magazines and it’s obvious that one of the reigning queens of interior design is boho chic. Boho chic is an artsy style that features an eclectic mix of several different aesthetics. It celebrates quirky accent pieces, vintage finds, bold patterns, and bright colors. Done right, boho-style can make a room feel fresh, fun, and loaded with personality. Done wrong, and your living space could end up looking like an overstuffed curiosity shop.

Here are our tips for adding just the right amount of boho chic to your home.

Pick a Focal Point

One key to boho chic is choosing a large element to serve as the anchor of the room’s decor. This could be a bedspread in a wild pattern, a vintage movie poster, a velvet lounge chair in an unexpected color, or even a rug like this one with an oversized print.

Safavieh Medallions Charcoal Rug at Bed Bath & BeyondPictured: Safavieh Medallions Charcoal Rug

Experiment with Shapes

If prints and bright colors are a little bold for your taste, experiment with a variety of shapes, which is very boho-chic,  while retaining a more muted color palette. For instance, instead of pairing this angled bench with an equally angled chair, try something plush and rounded in a similar color or material.

Boho Furniture at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: Cooper Classics Onslow Bench, Ansley Tufted Chair

Try Different Materials

Rather than buying a matching dining set, add a little boho-style to your eating experience by mixing and matching chairs made of different materials.

Boho-Chic Dining Chairs at Bed Bath & Beyond

Photo: Dahlia Green Chairs, Nine Dragons Chairs, Legare White Bent Plywood Chair

Embrace Accent Pieces

Mix and match figurines, curio pieces, vases and bowls to give life to shelves and even the center of the coffee table. Choose items that tell a story (your grandmother’s favorite hat, book-ends you bought in Spain) or those that show off your personality. Don’t be afraid to pair new pieces with vintage finds–just remember to favor quality over quantity and tie the objects together through a simple color palette like the photo above.

Indulge in Some Art

Looking to make a room feel instantly boho chic? Cover one or more walls in a mosaic of framed pieces. Mix and match mirrors, artwork and photos in different shapes, sizes and even colors.

Take a Shortcut with Bedding

If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your bedroom, decorate with bedding that isn’t identically matching pieces. The option below feels cohesive, thanks to its color palette, but the variety of throw pillows give it a looser, more eclectic vibe.

Blissliving® Malia Bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: Blissliving® Malia Bedding

How do you do boho chic? Tell us about it in the space below.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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