Style Guide: 8 Ways to Decorate With Words

May 02, 2013 1

Style Guide: 8 Ways to Decorate With Words

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an accent with a touch of text can let the world know exactly how you feel. Maybe that’s why text-touched decor is such a big trend right now. Or maybe text decor is hot because there are so many fun and easy ways to  “use your words” and give a room a personal touch. Whatever the reason for its popularity, text decor is here to stay. We’ve gathered eight of our favorite ways to use word-decor to inspire you.

1. Shower Curtains

The words on this bathroom curtain will motivate you, whether you’re showering to perk up at the start of the day or wind down in the evening. Its black-and-white design meshes with almost any color scheme.bsmithwaterfallcurtain

Pictured: Park B. Smith Resort Watershed Shower Curtain

2. Pillows

Toss pillows can add a punch of personality to a room. These word-bedecked versions help you show what’s on your mind, whether it’s your favorite places, people, or pets.

toss pillow

Pictured: Seashell Embroidered Toss Pillows, Neighborhood Park Toss Pillow, “Sister and Friend” Decorative Toss Pillow, “Dogs Leave Pawprints” Decorative Toss Pillow

3. Window Curtains

These brassiere cafe curtains are tiered so you can get light or privacy as you need it. And the French text will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your morning coffee routine.

Brasserie Cafe Window Curtain Tiers at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: Brasserie Cafe Window Curtain Tiers

4. Towels

Towels (kitchen or bath) are a great way to stay flexible in your text decor–all it takes to switch your message for the season or your mood is a trip to the linen closet.


Pictured: Graffiti Bath Towel Collection, MU Kitchen™ Kitchen Towel

5. Rugs

Words on the floor? It’s a classic that’s been around as long as the welcome mat. This fun bath mat can remind you of your last great trip, or maybe inspire your next one.

Passport Bath Rug at Bed Bath & BeyondPictured: Passport Bath Rug

6. Decals

There’s nothing clearer than putting the writing on the wall. These removable stickers are a surprisingly easy and high impact way to add a textual element to your room. That said (no pun intended), they quickly become star of your decor, so make sure the quote you’ve chosen complements the style and colors already in place in your room.

wallartdecalsPictured:  May You Live Every Day of Your Life With Joy Vinyl Wall Decal Set, WallPops!® Wall Decals – Wall Wishes – Twinkle, Twinkle, Always Kiss Me Goodnight Vinyl Wall Decal Set, Bon Appetit Vinyl Wall Decal Set


7. Wall Decor

Beyond decals, wall art can use words in an astonishing variety of ways (there’s a whole section devoted to wordy artwork on our website). Here’s a sampling of just some of the word decor you could choose.


Pictured: Inspiration Floral X-Ray Love Wall Art, Believe in the Wonders of Tomorrow Wall Art, Strawberry Soda Metal Wall Clock“Imagine, Create, Live” Wall Art

8. At Your Table

You’ll have a jump on dining conversation if your plates do the talking for you. Text on your dishes can be whimsical–like the perky juice glasses below. But as the plate on the right shows, words on the table can also add elegant charm.


Pictured: Luminarc® Conique Juice Glass Sets, Fitz & Floyd Toulouse Green 13-Inch Round Platter

Tell us: What word decor is making a statement in your home right now?

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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  1. excellent,
    I’m always looking for fresh ideas when it comes to bathroom designs. Something a bit “out of the ordinary”


    - Brenda Havers

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