How To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

June 17, 2013

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

The downside of heading to the spa for a little R & R is that you have to go there. Wouldn’t it be better to stay home and unwind in your own private oasis? With a few nifty tools and accents, you can create a Zen-like spa space right in your bathroom.

Work Out the Kinks

There are plenty of tools to get the job done as well as a Swedish masseuse. Try a hand-held massager. Look for one with an extendable handle, so you can get to all those hard-to-reach places. Next, nab a foot massager to give your toes the royal treatment. And for those looking for full-body relaxation, invest in an acupressure mat.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Treat yourself to a face mask and makeup removing wipes that help cleanse pores. Battle wrinkles and fine lines with pro-tools, like a dermabrasion facial brush. You’ll have skin to glow about and an attitude that says, “I woke up like this.” Because you did!

Invest in the Smelly Stuff

Choose candles, oils, bath salts, lotions, bubble bath, and scrubs in your favorite scents. Be careful not to go overboard — too many different smells can create an olfactory overload. For best results, stick to a single soothing scent like sandalwood, lavender, or vanilla.

Get Warm and Fuzzy

Scratchy towels and cheap robes, begone! Your home spa needs the luxe stuff. We’re talking hotel-style robes and towels so fluffy you could literally get lost in them. Don’t forget your toes– cold feet are so un-spa-like. Give them some post-massage TLC, with a pair of cozy slippers or thermal socks. Suddenly, you’re looking at your bathroom in a whole new way.



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