Reasons to Celebrate: A Romantic (First) Anniversary Dinner

June 25, 2013

Reasons to Celebrate: A Romantic (First) Anniversary Dinner

Your first anniversary—every anniversary actually—is a major milestone. So why not make it a personal one by skipping the reservation and celebrating with a romantic anniversary dinner at home?

Thanks to the gifts you received from your registry, you likely already have the gear you need. You can cook together for a more intimate experience, or surprise your spouse with a dinner you’ve prepared just for him or her.

Here are some easy ideas for staging a romantic celebration.

Create a Mood

Candles at Bed Bath & Beyond

Pictured: Crystal Zermat Black Ball Candle Holders, Sentiments Candle Garden

First, romanticize your pad with a few easy adjustments. Set up a playlist of all your special songs and yes, include your wedding song. Dim or turn off the lights. Light as many candles as you possibly can; then light more…

Raise A Glass


Waterford Ballet Ribbon Silver Stem 8 Ounce Toasting Flutes (Set of 2)
Waterford Ballet Ribbon Silver Stem 8 Ounce Toasting Flutes (Set of 2)

Start the night off with a toast to the year ahead. Break out the barware and glassware you got for your wedding and try our Rosemary-Grapefruit Gin Fizz or Gingered Whiskey Sours for a fun, retro twist. If you aren’t into mixed drinks you can’t go wrong with a Champagne toast.

A Personalized Menu

Anniversary Entrees

When it comes to the dinner menu, you don’t have to stress out and make it super-complicated; just be sure it reflects you as a couple. You can re-create an elegant salmon dish from your honeymoon, or make sliders on the grill as a reminder of the camping trip when you got engaged. You can even order your favorite takeout if that’s what you both like best. No matter what you serve, be sure to dine from your good china!


To end your romantic dinner properly you need a special dessert.  Go ahead and try some of that wedding cake you may have saved…but check out our Dark Chocolate Souffles for 2 with Salted Caramel as a backup plan (Trust us on this one).

Memories and New Traditions

anniversary gifts

Go ahead, look through your wedding album and watch your wedding video again.  Laugh at your crazy uncle’s dance moves, get misty-eyed at the toasts, and reminisce about the fun you had that night.

After dinner is a great time to exchange gifts (if you choose to). The traditional 1st anniversary gift is “paper.” You can go as simple as a love letter or “Top 10 Things I Love About You” or as elaborate as plane tickets for a romantic getaway. Clocks are a more modern take on the 1st anniversary. His and hers watches? Or maybe a sweet alarm clock with separate wake times.

Your first anniversary is also a great opportunity to start traditions to carry through your marriage. Some couples share a memory box to add small mementos to year after year. Others keep a journal to write their favorite, funniest, or most special moments in.  Adding to a charm bracelet may appeal to jewelry lovers. Another unique idea is to purchase a piece of art together each year to decorate your home. Some couples surprise each other with a new experience to have together that year (concert, trip, zipline, you name it!).

Happily Ever After

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to make it as unique and special as you two.  Happy Anniversary!

Julie Hartigan

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