Style Guide: Great Uses for Ball Mason Jars

June 27, 2013

Style Guide: Great Uses for Ball Mason Jars


12 Ball® Regular Mouth Pint Preserving Jars--and dozens of uses.
These 12 Ball® Regular Mouth Pint Preserving Jars have dozens of uses.

When the Ball Brother’s developed their Perfect Mason jar in 1913, couldn’t have imagined their creation’s staying power. The glass container with the screw-on cap and threaded lid was originally developed as a safer, more effective way to can food.

One hundred years later (June is their centennial anniversary), the Ball jars are more popular than ever. It’s  transformed from a simple way to store food into a versatile container that can be used in a variety of (crafty) ways.

Here are a dozen of our favorite non-canning jobs for Mason jars:

Candle Holder

Create a little ambiance (and a unique candle holder) by placing a votive at the bottom of your Mason jar. Or take this idea outdoors, and hang your holders from tree branches.

Dessert Dish

Serve parfaits, pie and ice cream, sundaes and even a deconstructed cupcake in a Mason jar.


Go the easy route and fill you Mason jar with a little water and a fresh bouquet. Or put your art skills to the test and spray paint the jar in a bright color.

Drinking Glass

To turn your Mason jar into an oversized tumbler simply throw in a handful of ice with your favorite beverage (we suggest lemonade, ice tea or frozen margaritas) and add a straw for easy sipping.


Fill your Ball jar with pretty glass beads, a string of lights or even pot pourri to create simple, elegant centerpiece.

Bathroom Organizer

Place a few Mason jars on the bathroom shelf to keep extras like cotton balls, cotton swabs and even your toothbrush and toothpaste in order. Those interested getting their DIY on can click here for a simple tutorial on how to turn the jars into nifty wall organizer.

Craft Storage

Keep craft room odds and ends (like buttons, sequins and trim) neat, organized and easy to see.


A Mason jar is the perfect home for a small house plant that can flourish in indirect light.

Food Kit

Give the gift of food by filling a Mason jar with all the fixings to make soup, cookies or even hot cocoa. Don’t forget to add a festive bow and a set of instructions!

Soap Dispenser

Add a pump to the top of your Mason jar and instantly turn it into a retro looking soap dispenser.

Snow Globe

Not only is this an easy (and cool) craft to do with your kids, but it makes for a whimsical holiday gift.

 Place Setting

Throwing a backyard barbecue? Add a hint of country living by arranging each place setting in a Mason jar.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

What’s your favorite way to use Mason Jars? Tell us in the comments below!


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