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control pet gear

Take Control: Pet Gear

July 31, 2013

These days pets have as many accoutrements as people do. My neighbor’s schnauzer has at least three different leashes. My aunt’s bulldog has a wardrobe most young professionals would be envious of. And my boyfriend’s golden retriever has more chew toys than a teething baby. All of this pet gear has a tendency to take…

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carry on luggage

Carry On Luggage: Six Must-Know Facts

July 30, 2013

In the past few years, air travel has become more of a dreaded headache than a much-anticipated adventure. Many savvy travelers  avoid extra fees and the epic wait at the baggage claim by swapping a standard-sized suitcase for a few small carry-on bags. Before you buy a carry-on and follow in their footsteps, keep these…

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canning gear

Home Canning: How to Get Started

July 25, 2013

If your summer garden is  overflowing with more produce than you can eat (hello,bumper crop of tomatoes!), then you might want to give canning a try. Don’t worry–it’s easier than you think. Canning fruits and vegetables is a time-honored cooking method that allows you to preserve just about any type of produce and enjoy it…

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