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Grilling Basket

How to Grill Fish & Vegetables

August 13, 2013

There are not many things a grill needs. A good flame and some grates – and you can cook just about anything. Anything that is, but those small things that end up falling through and burning up. And that’s where a grill basket comes in. Its holes let the flames work their magic on the…

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back to school

Back to School: How to Prepare Your Family

August 09, 2013

With lazy summer days dwindling (how did it get to be August already?!), and busy school days looming, it’s time to prepare for the back-to-school transition. Try these stress-free steps for easing kids back into a school schedule. 1. Re-establish a School Routine You’ll all have more energy for the first day if you don’t…

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california cool

Style Guide: California Cool

August 08, 2013

You’ve got a lust for California Cool design–that simple, streamlined aesthetic that rose to popularity in the middle of the last century.  And while tricking out your home in Eames chairs, Noguchi tables and Bauer pottery may be way beyond your budget, it’s still very possible to achieve this vintage look. As they say in…

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wine fridge

Wine Refrigerators: 9 Must-Know Facts Before You Buy

August 06, 2013

If you’re considering taking your wine hobby to the next level, then you’re probably thinking about buying a wine refrigerator. After all, they protect your bottles from changes in temperature, and keep your favorite vintages at perfect-for-serving temperatures. Here’s what you need to know before you invest in a wine refrigerator. 1. Where you’ll use…

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