Happy Halloween for Pets

October 03, 2013

Happy Halloween for Pets

You’ve finalized your costume (hey, fairy godmother) and hidden the candy so your husband can’t eat it all before the big day. Now it’s time to get your four-pawed friend ready with a cute costume and her very own treats.

Pumpkin Dog Costume

Mr. Sniffles has always been a classic pup. Rather than trick him out in something quirky or inventive (it’s just not his personality) stick to the basics with a simple cute-as-pie pumpkin costume.


Silicone Dog Bone Baking Tray

Since your dachshund can’t partake in the candy, make her some homemade treats she can nibble on with this bone shaped baking tray. Though it’s silicone, a steel reinforced rim means it won’t collapse when you move it from the oven to the cooling rack.


Princess Costume

It’s not surprising your husband jokingly calls your poodle Kate Middleton – she is a bit of a princess. This Halloween, make her feel like a  member of the queen’s court with a costume that comes with all the royal fixings.



Nesco Pet Treat Maker

If it’s not the right the time to give a dog a bone, treat him to some homemade jerky instead. This nifty kitchen-must comes with plenty of accoutrements (jerky gun, drying trays, fish-shaped treat cutter) plus a recipe book for novice chefs looking for direction.


Superdog Costume

Your daughter has decided to go as Wonder Woman this year and she’s picked a trusty sidekick: the family pooch. When dressed in this tee and sparkly cape he’s more than ready to help her protect the neighborhood from ghouls and goblins.


Witch Dog Costume

Is your Chihuahua a good witch or a bad witch? Slip her into this sassy hat and dress and see what kind of magic she casts over the trick-or-treaters.


Tiger Costume

Behind the small stature and wrinkly skin, your pug has the soul of a jungle cat: brave, regal and ready to pounce (on the nearest treat that is). This Halloween, let him rule the neighborhood (or at least the yard)  dressed as the tiger he feels like inside.




Do you do anything special with your pet at Halloween?


–Megan Mostyn-Brown


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