The Rug Every Busy House Needs

October 16, 2013

The Rug Every Busy House Needs

Outdoor rugs are stylish, durable and — best part — easy on the wallet.

If your home is anything like mine, your living room rug sees a lot of action. And by action, I mean a steady stream of food, dirt, leaks, and mystery messes. So when we were shopping for a floor covering that could stand up to our spill-prone selves, we opted for an indoor/outdoor rug. After all, we figured, if it was built to endure the sun and rain, it could take on our bustling household, too. And boy, were we right. We’re approaching our second year with this beauty, and here’s why we’d buy one again (and why you should, too).

They’re durable. I took a mental tally of all the abuse our rug took in the course of one week and the results weren’t pretty. There was everything from the bazillion crumbs that fell during pizza night to the three cups of milk my son spilled to the cat’s icky fur ball. All that cleaning up may have left me a little frazzled, but our rug looked as good as new.

They’re easy to clean. Indoor/outdoor rugs are usually low pile and are often made from man-made materials like polypropylene, recycled plastics, acrylic and polyester. Translation: They’re a cinch to clean. Spot cleaning is usually all that’s required, but if you have a Code Red spill on your hands, you can haul the rug outside and spray it down with a hose. (Seriously.) Just make sure the fabric is water-resistant and the rug is completely dry before you bring it back inside.

They’re affordable. Since they’re often made of synthetic materials, these super-hero floor coverings are a bargain, often costing a fraction of what their wool, silk or cotton counterparts command. You’ll really appreciate this fact when you’re shopping for extra-large area rugs, which can run as much as a small sofa.

They’re stylish. Durable doesn’t have to mean unattractive. Whether your tastes lean more toward trendy kilims and suzanis or classic stripes and florals, there are floor coverings in virtually every print and pattern and in any conceivable color combination. Just start looking — you’re bound to find the just-right rug for you.

And they feel pretty good, too. I think indoor/outdoor rugs get a bad rap — people tend to think they’ll be too itchy or too scratchy. While I wouldn’t say they’re plush, these floor coverings can be quite soft underfoot. If you prefer something a little cushier, try placing a thicker rug pad underneath.

Let’s chat: Do you use any other “outdoor” furniture or decor inside?

Bonnie Vengrow


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