Hanukkah Ho-Hum: Decorating for the Festival of Lights

November 07, 2013

Hanukkah Ho-Hum: Decorating for the Festival of Lights

Hanukkah Ho-Hum n.  1. An acute case of boredom caused by too many years of re-using the same holiday decor.

The cure: Simple, chic decorations inspired by a fresh, modern take on the Festival of Lights. Whether you prefer a well-edited room, or like to indulge in some glitz, try any of these suggestions and say goodbye to the Hanukkah blues.

Go Outdoors

Don’t just decorate inside your home, spread the joy outside. Celebrate the Festival of Lights with some outdoor decorations. Welcome visitors with an illuminated Star of David, a lighted Hanukkah bear, or Dreidel styled pathway lights.

Modern Table Touches

A more versatile option than outright Hanukkah-themed pieces is to use the holiday’s signature colors as your template. It makes for a chic table with pieces you can still use the rest of the year.

Complement a white tablecloth with a blue or silver runner. Mix and match place settings by pairing solid white plates with decorative silver and blue bowls. Add in blue or silver charger plates, placemats and napkins rings.

Not Your Mama’s Menorah

A traditional menorah will stick out like a sore thumb if you’ve opted for nontraditional decor. Fortunately, menorahs are available for almost any taste and style. For a modern look, try one made of crystal with sharp lines and simple shapes. If you have young children you might prefer a menorah in fun, bright colors and bold shapes. And if having lit candles is a concern, go for the electric version.

Get Crafty

If you have an artistic flair create your own eye-catching decorations. Turn this into a perfect family activity the kids can look forward to year after year. Try cutting dreidel shapes from scrapbooking paper, string them on fishing wire to create a dreidel garland. How about a door or wall hanging Star of David? Cut the base from card stock or heavy felt and decorate with beads and ribbon. Can’t free-hand a six-pointed star? Neither can we. The secret is to draw two overlapping triangles. Shhh.


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