Organizing Winter Accessories

November 21, 2013

Organizing Winter Accessories

Although I’m a sucker for a nice warm beach day, summer dresses, and open-toe sandals, I have to say that when the cold weather hits and it’s time to bust out my winter accessories, I do get excited. After all, I haven’t seen them since last year and when I open that box of hats, gloves, and scarves that were hidden away during warmer months, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. (If you’re like me, you probably have a ridiculously large collection of chill-busters that you’ve accumulated over the years because hats, gloves, and scarves are a gift-giver’s best friend – no sizing required.)

When the novelty wears off and I’ve tried on everything from my black patent leather elbow-high “going out” gloves to my everyday cashmere fingerless (good for texting), from my grey alpaca scarf to my seriously-cold-day fur hat, the reality sets in – where on earth am I going to keep all of these fabulous winter accessories?

So I reached out to New York based image consultant Amanda Sanders for some tips on organizing winter accessories and keeping them accessible.

Tip 1: If You See Them, You’ll Wear Them

My challenge is visibility – if I can’t see the winter gear easily, I won’t wear it, instead opting for the same old (boring) option day in and day out.

“When I help clients organize their closets I often use clothes pins or hangers with skirt clips and I hang each pair of gloves so that they can been easily seen,” says Sanders. Another great option are those clear vinyl shoe storage hangers that we all used in college. They work great inside a closet or on the back of a closet door to keep gloves, rolled scarves, and wool hats visible.

Tip 2: Protect As You Organize

Of course, not every winter accessory will fit into the pocket of an organizer, and many will lose their shape if they’re left to hang. A fabric sweater organizer is a great option (it’s a more upmarket look, too) and will protect more structured hats such as wool fedoras or fur, which might smush without more careful handling. Sanders also suggests stuffing hats with paper to help them keep their shape and to absorb moisture.

For scarves, some people like to use rounded belt loops or tie racks, but due to the bulk of most scarves I think they get too crowded that way. Instead, try a four-tier trouser hanger and try to keep things organized by color. It’s easier on the eyes and makes selection a snap.

Tip 3: Keep It Simple

But not every accessory requires a special storage system. In fact, if you have a pair of gloves or a scarf that goes with a particular coat, Sanders suggests simply keeping the gloves in the pocket or hanging the scarf with the coat.

What’s the hardest thing in your winter wardrobe to organize?

Nicola Ruiz

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