Five Questions for Designer Barbara Barry

December 06, 2013

Five Questions for Designer Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry’s beautiful bedding designs are a huge hit with all of us at Bed Bath & Beyond. And they’re clearly pretty popular with our customers too–her “Poetical” bedding is among the most pinned images on our Pinterest boards.

This month, “Poetical” is debuting a fabulous new color—celadon. We caught up with Barbara to ask a bit about her bedding, and about her newest design.

Tell us about your approach to bedrooms as a designer—how are they different than other rooms in the home?

I believe the bedroom is the most important room in the house because it is where we begin and end our days, and it is where we have our most important thoughts. We need soothing colors and patterns that help us relax and clear our minds sending us back into the world restored and renewed.

How do your bedding designs reflect that philosophy?

I strive to design subtle plains and patterns in soothing “dreamy” tones to help send you off to slumber gently.  I like to choose neutral colors that can support the multi-colored lives we live. There is a refinement in the quality of sheeting and the detailing that is noticed at close range.

Let’s talk about Poetical: What was the inspiration for the look, and how did you go about creating it?

I had first designed the pattern Poetical for interior designers and ended up slipcovering the sofas in my den with it. I often take naps or fall asleep while watching TV and woke up one day and thought it would make a great duvet cover. I then designed the sheeting in a more subtle pattern to complement it. I thought the crispness of the grey and white allowed one to live with this bolder pattern as it simplified it and made it modern.

And how about the color celadon? Can you tell us why you selected that hue?

With the success of Poetical in Grey, Bed Bath & Beyond asked us to do a second color. I was thrilled as I had had a hard time choosing between the grey or celadon color when choosing it for my slipcovers. Celadon is the most soothing color I know as it recalls water and the garden at the same time. It is a neutral that like grey can pair easily with other brights or soft tones.

What advice would you give someone who was looking for one simple thing to make her/his bedroom better?

I would say un-clutter your bedroom by taking out everything that isn’t an essential. There is something wonderful about simplicity. It helps us unload our cluttered minds. It makes us feel like more is possible. An uncluttered bedroom with freshly laundered bedding is all we really need to feel our potential!

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