Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

December 15, 2013

Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Buying a gift for a baby or a toddler is one of the most fun to-dos on the holiday list. But for people out of the kiddie loop, finding a really great gift–the kind that will delight the child and wow his or her parents–takes a bit of research. You want to give a present that’s age- and development-stage appropriate, and, let’s be honest, cool (after all, that’s half the fun!).

So we asked our friends at buybuy BABY for a few picks that will make you the hit of the holiday gift-giving season. This roundup of gift ideas for babies and toddlers is sorted by age, to make the shopping that much easier:

A newborn- to six-month-old

Even teeny-tiny tots benefit from stimulation. In fact, gifting them toys in bright colors that bounce, play music, or move can aid in their development. The Grow With Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit by Infantino gives 0- to 3-month-olds an activity gym plenty of fun for tummy time, with attached toys to entertain them. And the coolest part is that as the baby gets older, it converts into a ball pit with pop-up mesh sides and plenty of balls to roll around and toss. The Ferrari F1 Baby Walker by Efigil is a safe, entertaining toy for 3- to 6-month-olds learning to get their legs in gear–and it’s a Ferrari! (As a bonus, both of these gift options provide new parents the opportunity to have a hands-free moment.)

A six- to twelve-month-old

Babies in this age bracket are on the move — they’ve started to roll, crawl, and even wave good-bye. Give them something that keeps them busy in multiple ways. Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car is a brilliant choice for kids six months and older, while B Kids® Rolling ‘n Blinking Amazing Mushroom works for nine-months plus. Both enhance motor skills by encouraging little ones to sit, stand, and even push–while stimulating their brains with sounds and songs and laying the groundwork for learning colors, letters, and numbers.

A one-year- to eighteen-month-old

This is the prime time to gift little ones toys that will help them enhance their language, motor, and sensory skills. V-Tech® iDiscover App Table works with your tablet and free downloadable apps to enhance playtime with interactive play, while also teaching kids colors, words, and animal sounds. The V-Tech® Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train  teaches kids shapes, numbers and colors, while also giving them something to ride around the house, or push while walking. That’s some excellent multitasking!

An eighteen-month- to two-year old

By eighteen months, kids are walking, talking, and starting to engage in imaginative play. Pick a toy that will engage and grow with them. Joovy® Tricycoo™ Tricycle in Green has a push-handle for younger kids, which then removes so that transforms into a toy that lets older ones can pedal themselves. The Fisher-Price® Little People® Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable piques curiosity through enhanced pretend play, thanks to the magical klip klop sounds and movement of horse figurines as they “trot” around a castle.

A two- to three-year-old

At two years old, kids start to engage in symbolic play– or using toys to mimic real-life situations, like playing “house” or “office.” They’ll delight in kiddie versions of grownup objects like the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum. And as a bonus, this kind of toy sets the tone that cleaning is fun, rather than a chore.

By three years old kids are attending preschool, having play dates, and starting to learn the art of sharing. A gift like Step2® All Around Red Easel for Two gives them a fun way to practice the skills they are learning at school while co-playing with a friend or sibling.


At this age, you’ve got a fully developed little person on your hands. They dig toys that not only get them moving, but spark their imagination. The Up & Down Roller Coaster by Step2® is the perfect blend of both. It’s great for keeping them active during bad weather days, while also letting them practice the art of taking turns with friends or siblings. It’s also a real showstopper gift that the kid will love to open.
What toy are you giving this holiday season?

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