Gifts for Pet Lovers and Their Pets

December 12, 2013 2

Gifts for Pet Lovers and Their Pets

While holiday purists say, “it’s the thought that counts,” we think you should tailor the gift to the recipient’s taste. Case in point: The pet lover. Why stress out about what to give, when all they really want is something they can share with their favorite furball? Consider one of great gifts for pet lovers and the pets they love.

For the photo-happy pet-owner…

If your sister has more Instagram pictures of her Siamese than herself, she’ll definitely appreciate when you print out a few of Fluffy’s best shots and gift them to her in a pet-themed photo frame.

For the fashionable animal-lover…

For people whose pets are better dressed than most adults, a wearable pet-gift is always appreciated. Round out a pet’s wardrobe with something sporty (a fur-lined hoodie), something snuggly (a cable knit sweater) or something sassy (a pair of zebra print pajamas, perhaps?).

For the burgeoning chef…

Maybe your mother always loved whipping up baked goods for you and your brother as kids. Now that you’re out of the house, indulge her (and Spot the family dog) with a treat-maker kit. She’ll be able to cook up six different biscuit shapes for her furry friend.

For the nature lover…

Camping, hiking, biking — some pets are partners in every outdoor adventure. Gift them some accessories they can use on their outtings, like a shady shelter from the sun, a sleeping bag, or a pet basket for the front of a bike.

For the busy bee…

We all know someone whose schedule doesn’t have a second to spare, and that means there isn’t a lot of time to devote to they’re beloved cat. Score a few toys that keep the little guy entertained — like a rotating laser or a peek-and-play toy box — and we guarantee you’ll earn a spot as everyone’s favorite family member.

For the owner who treats her pet like a person …

If your best friend has on occasion (though she’s embarrassed to admit it) carried her corgi around in a baby carrier. Indulge her (and little Queen Elizabeth) with a doggy dining tray, a stylish deco pet bed or a combo fountain/ water filter.


Do you give your pet holiday gifts? Tell us in the comments!

Megan Mostyn-Brown

Comments (2)

  1. Hey Kev,
    So glad it seems like you had a rather fun Christmas with both your grand kids and pets! Unfortunately, we are out of stock of the Peek and Play toy box, and don’t have anything similar available at this time. You can check out all our pet care items for cats here: Let us know if you have any more questions- we’d be happy to help 🙂

    - Above & Beyond
  2. We’ve been seeing a good number of dog beds being sold since Christmas (though they actually do well all year round – just not quite so good).

    I guess that Xmas is for spoiling the pets too :). I know it is with me. Our cat and dog got seriously spoilt – though not quite as much as the grand kids you may be glad to hear.

    Was going to have a look at your Peek and Play toy box that you mention above, sounds a likely thing for Minstral – but aparently you no longer stock it. Have anything similar? She loves bags and boxes and anything where she can hide and ambush the dog she loves.

    - Kev

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