Last-Minute Gifts for Guys with Style

December 14, 2013

Last-Minute Gifts for Guys with Style

Maybe it’s just us, but we like to give Christmas gifts that look good and actually help make the recipient’s life better. So rather than succumb to old standbys that add clutter without function, we scouted these sure-to-please picks from Kenneth Cole Reaction Home. They’re sleek, sophisticated, and, best of all, items they’ll actually use!

The Shoe Shine Kit


If he cares about his footwear, you can help him perfect it. Shined shoes do say “I’m totally put together,” but polish is functional too: It protects leather and extends the life of shoes. This Kenneth Cole Reaction® 6-Piece Shoe Shine Kit has everything he needs (brush, cloth, buffer, and shoe cream) to keep his kicks looking as shiny as the day he bought them.

The Valet Box


But shoes aren’t the only accessories that finish a look. You can help a stylish man organize cufflinks, rings, tie bars, and all his other extras with a Kenneth Cole Reaction® Lidded Valet Box. It has spots for all of the above, and the exterior is just as chic as whatever he chooses to put in it.

The Valet Stand


Here’s a funny truth about valet stands: Men who haven’t used one find it hard to imagine. But once they’ve actually tried a stand, they swear by the way they make getting ready faster and easier. Enter the Kenneth Cole Reaction® Standing Valet. It isn’t just a wrinkle-free alternative to throwing clothing over a chair: It’s a great place to edit an outfit before going out, and its modern look won’t detract from the design of a bedroom. It has places to neatly hang pants, ties, and a jacket, and even an area for the right shoes. As a bonus, the valet gives you a little more room in the closet.

A Dual Watch Winder or Watch Box









As countless trend articles will tell you, watches have moved beyond utility (with a smartphone in hand, you don’t really need one) and into the realm of wearable art. So if the man you know is a watch-wearer, he’s very likely a watch-enthusiast. Help him protect his investment in his watches with a Kenneth Cole Reaction® Watch Winder or a Kenneth Cole Reaction® Watch Case, which has room for six watches and a bottom drawer where he can also tuck cufflinks and tie clips away for safe keeping.

The Electronic Organizer


Smartphone. Laptop. eReader. Tablet. Useful–but not the most appealing things to see strewn over counters and bedside tables . Help a man you love keep his electronics safe in the most stylish way possible with a Kenneth Cole Reaction Home  Kenneth Cole Reaction® Electronic Organizer. This faux leather organizer even has an opening in the back so he can plug-in his power cord and recharge without taking his laptop out.

Stacking Trays


For some men, it’s easier to choose the necessary accessories if they can see all their options in one place. Of course, pulling out every pair of cufflinks can create mess (and stress). You can help him stay organized while he reviews his choices with Kenneth Cole Reaction’s Home Stacking Trays. This set of three faux leather trays opens to reveal room for all of his accoutrements (cufflinks, watch, money clip, etc.), then closes into a stylish space saver.

The Catch-all Tray


It won’t be used if it isn’t easy. Give a man a stylish spot to drop those pesky extras like keys, sunglasses, and spare change with a Kenneth Cole Reaction® Home Snap Tray. It’s big enough to store multiple items, but small enough that it won’t take up too much counter space. And hopefully it guarantees he won’t have to dig his keys out of the couch ever again.

Jen Dennis & Megan Mostyn-Brown



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